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Offroad school /running course  for women

 When you have to learn, it is important that you feel safe. For some women, it is more fun and safer to do it with other women. There are dates when Mc Safari's Offroad school is reserved for women. If you have the slightest desire to try off-road driving and think it sounds exciting, you are qualified to participate, even if you do not have a motorcycle driving licence.

And who knows. all of a sudden you're on your way to Africa to ride a mother's bike. Because you can
How is the offroad school experienced? Watch the video and learn more 
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What can you expect?

one day school

Start at 10. Ends at KL. 17

Meeting place and place of conclusion is Bellingevej 34 5250 Odense SV

After the intro, we change into MC clothes, after which we drive in a group to the practice area 

Practice terrain approx. 10 km away.

Along the way, there are snacks and refreshments and a light lunch.

Price incl. motorcycle DKK 2595

Price of own motorcycle DKK 1595.

practical information


Annbritt H.

Positive: Professionalism


I learned a lot that I could use on off-road adventures in real life afterwards. Very professional instructor and it was a fun day too.

Former participant

offroad skole kun for kvinder.jpg
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