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Anmeldelser fra vores international gruppe

"The trip was nearly perfect. The hotels were fine and the tour guide (Louis) was superb. What could be improved is providing all advance information at once, including clarity on motor insurance in Georgia and Armenia. And I would scrap the day in Armenia. Customs formalities took more than 1.5 to 2 hours each time and cost in total almost one hundred euro. That is not proportionate to the fact that you have then been in Armenia. Moreover, it extends the route unnecessarily." 
Richard Haex - Route stage 1 Silk Road – 2016

"Mongolia -. Starting in nice hotel in downtown Ulaanbaatar. Good support when picking up motor sent ahead. Route to Siberia perfectly bike-able. Siberia - If you want to experience polder blindness to the umpteenth degree, this is the trip to do. Accommodation wherever possible always in clean hotels. Guide has not had a busy time." 
Cor van Dijk – Route stage 4 Silk Road – 2016

"A fantastic tour, a huge experience, but we needed another month. Because of bad luck, we had to give up too much and that's a shame. Something always happens. You never know where, what and how, so need to build in more flexibility. And less km per day is better. I was lucky that my tire punctured bike could go on the pick-up truck, which came as support vehicle. Not all support vehicles were able to do that and then it takes a lot of time and money if you have bad luck. Japan was a culture shock, such a contrast with the Stan countries and Russia." 
Dick Appelman - Route stage 1 t / m 4 Silk Road - 2016

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